City of Angels

What a trip to my one of my favorite cities.  I love the fast pace of the people in this city.  The action all too easily sucks me in.  I could live here and never get a thing accomplished other than a whole lot of people watching or as my husband says, “Finding new people […]

Losing myself

I recently did Caridad’s first ever Undie Sunday. A city wide sock and underwear drive. While this event went off well I had a great deal of anxiety as the date grew closer. The night before praying and working on finishing details my anxiety only peaked. Needing a break from everything and my cozy little […]

Celebrity Rehab

I don’t think you can ever put into words the things you see and go through when you work in a program like the RCU that helps people to get clean from drugs and alcohol. Or the pain that you feel as you watch a loved one break promise after promise to you that they […]

Helping Roger

Lately my mind has been hazy as I try to balance my wedding plans, work, my charity and drama from a friend. In my toughest time I have not had my closest girlfriend to contact and so I have been caught up in my own head. My prayers have turned in to gripe sessions for […]

All I get is this crapy gift?!

There are days when God gives me a big dose of humble pie and all I can do is laugh at life wondering how I could have ever have taken myself so serious. As I work with the homeless I am often times disgusted with a sense of entitelment some of my clients get. Or […]

Speed Bumps

What a wild journey after looking back that is all I can say about this past year and how I have gotten to where I am now. There at times that I forget where I came from or have a blip in life that makes me loose focus momentarily. My friend calls them “speed bumps,” […]

Going it Alone

Life without a car in Southern California is nearly impossible. One can get around but unlike most major cities public transportation is a bit lacking. For three days I had to rely on public transportation and a few amazing friends who were willing to go out of their way to drive me around the city […]

Living Life

We have a client at the Rescue Mission that has had major head trauma. As a result he repeats things over and over. His internal monologue freely flows out without filters. His temper as a result of the trauma is explosive and can be set off by the littlest things. One day I told my […]

Two stumble and another soars

My job is amazing and I can’t stress that enough. As I have learned over the years for every success story of someone making it off the streets there are five more failures. There are those who get beat down by the system and give up and then those who sadly can’t kick the chemical […]

John at the Gas Pump

Tonight I had a meeting at my church. It was very positive and affirming of where I am at in my life. After the meeting I collected blankets from a recent blanket drive to add to the donations in my trunk. As usual from driving everywhere my car was on fumes. I went to go […]