Bummer of a night

I didn’t write about my experience last week because unfortunately there not much to tell. I saw my good friend Brian when I was helping serve food. He looked terrible and kept sniffling. When I questioned this he said he was suffering from allergies. I am always skeptical because I have seen too much. The […]

Ahhh life on the streets…

Tonight was the first time that I saw the streets without rose colored glasses. I headed to the library and was a block away when I saw the police around a homeless man. I got closer and could see it was no one I knew and worked my way through the crowd of onlookers. I […]

Iowa, I’m not from there…

Funny I remember despising the other side of the river and the people that cane from it. The rivalry is huge where I came from. We always joked that we were from the better side of the river growing up. Who would have thought that all these years and miles away from where I grew […]