Local woman works to end homelessness in downtown Las Vegas

Merideth Spriggs had just one goal in mind when she woke up on New Year’s Day this year: End homelessness in Las Vegas. That’s it. She’d been working to battle homelessness in San Diego for years — after once being homeless herself and learning the hard way how to help people in a meaningful and […]

‘Maybe We Should’ve Waited’

The person who visited certain trees and crawled under overpasses in the rain for months to recruit homeless people to move into Connections Housing, the city’s new permanent homeless center, said she thinks the project’s hiccups should’ve been dealt with before people moved in. The project’s developer, PATH, submitted its proposal to build a one-stop […]

Socks, Underwear, And Education Are Helping Solve A Problem

Caridad began in 2010 and started the collection of lost and found clothing items from Downtown San Diego businesses to be sorted and re-distributed to the best suited local homeless charities. This has resulted in the distribution of over 23,400 outfits and 700 pairs of shoes. This was done through $42,000 of in kind donations […]

A Voice on the Streets

Heading north on Las Vegas Boulevard on her weekly outreach hike, long black curls cascading from beneath her trademark black beanie, homeless advocate Merideth Spriggs leaves behind the Fremont Street Experience and Downtown Project’s urban-renewal zone. It’s the Tuesday between Christmas and New Year’s Eve — 363 days since she vowed to work toward ending […]