Donation Needs

While Caridad was originally created to collect socks and underwear donations for local homeless charities. Today we are a full time street outreach agency, who recognizes lack of identifying documents is a large hindrance for our clients.


By donating you can help Cardad eliminate barriers to homelessness by helping clients get their documentation for housing services in Southern Nevada.


Caridad clients have zero to meager income.  Those that need basics such as tampons or adult diapers cannot afford to purchase them, and because they do not have access to washing machines they may have accidents and soil their clothing.  Humiliated and filthy clients will not enter agencies for appointments or are kicked out due to their odor. Your donations cash or in kind new hygiene products help us humanize and restore dignity to Caridad clients.


The brutal desert sun in Nevada can cause sever sunburn and blistering for Caridad clients. We ask that you DO NOT ship these supplies but rather reply back to your donations receipt email with the word sunblock on the memo line when you give to Caridad. This ensures we can buy exactly what is needed for our clients and in the appropriate sized container as well as boosting our local economy.


In Southern Nevada desert life can be brutal on the streets.  Every year homeless loose their lives on the streets due to dehydration.  We ask that you DO NOT ship water but rather make sure to reply back to your donations receipt email with the word water on the memo line when you give to Caridad.


Staying true to our roots, Caridad hosts an annual sock and underwear drive, Undie Sunday.  Undie Sunday is held the Sunday proceeding Easter and donors are encouraged to contribute new or very lightly used bras, new socks, and new underwear. A homeless friend once told Caridad’s founder Merideth that these items are like gold on the streets.

Socks, underwear, and bras can all be purchased cheaply at most discount stores. Some of our local favorites include:

Make a Donation

Your donations enable Caridad to provide clean undergarments, identifying documents, bus passes, and various other basic necessities can help to humanize and even end homelessness for those in need.

Monetary donations can be made online via Paypal or mailed directly to:

Caridad Inc.
2540 S Maryland Pkwy #197
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Don’t have any spare clothing or cash? Donate your time! Caridad needs volunteers to help with our Companion Program, help organize an Undie Sunday for upcoming fundraisers, and most importantly help get new donors.

Our new campaign is to raise $10 x 500 donors per month over the next 12 months equaling $60,000. We would appreciate any contribution!

Thanks to everyone who donated in 2017.

Caridad achieved an 80% operational benefit to 20% administrative cost margin in 2015. Our 2016 budget improves this ratio to a 91% operational benefit and 9% administrative cost margin.
(For more detailed reporting review our corporate documents & reporting)

Food Donations

While Caridad does not accept food donations at this time, there are several organizations that work towards feeding the homeless of Las Vegas. If you would like to donate food items please check out the following not-for-profit organizations: