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Helping Roger

Lately my mind has been hazy as I try to balance my wedding plans, work, my charity and drama from a friend. In my toughest time I have not had my closest girlfriend to contact and so I have been caught up in my own head. My prayers have turned in to gripe sessions for God as I try to trudge through things by myself with no friends to help with any aspect of my life.

Then over the weekend things opened up and friends have started to help in areas where I needed them because I got out of my thoughts and asked for help. Slowly Caridad is coming along for our underwear drive. The website is starting to become a functional thing and even our Facebook is getting an upgrade today.
Today I prayed for help with finances as I am stretched thin trying to support Caridad and a wedding on a penny budget and no income. Praying for God to help I got the news of a homeless friend’s death. Roger, my buddy that loved to listen to Metallica at night, saying, “Oh yeah me and Metallica go way back.” He was mild mannered older gentleman with a soft voice and a friendly smile for all those around him. He had a long ZZ Top style white beard that he would stroke as he told stories of his days as a Marine as his mischievous eyes twinkled at the listening parties around him. Roger was patient with those around him and would help if they needed him. He walked tall and proud despite the pain in his leg that required him to walk with a cane. Roger passed this morning of Cancer. He refused treatment for Cancer that he only found out he had a week ago. Sadly, he didn’t get to return to his residence at the Mission to tell us this news. His sister said he went quickly and quietly in his hospital bed.
Roger’s sister expressed the need to raise money to help with his funeral expenses. She said the family is trying to scrape together money to bury him and even to get the body from the morgue. They need about $2,300 and I told her Caridad would help. Roger’s passing reminded me of why Caridad exists and how I have gotten to where I am today. Please we are trying to raise $2,300 by next week, June 17,2010, to help the family of Roger Clark any amount you can give would help. Make Checks payable to Caridad Inc, and put Roger Clark Memorial Fund in the memo line.
Send donations to:
Caridad Inc.
Att: Roger Clark Memorial
4750 Mission Gorge Pl.
San Diego, CA 92120
Today my little whines and groans over pennies and petty stuff don’t seem as important as taking care of a friend. So thankful for his life and having known this man. RIP Roger.
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  1. Caridad says:

    Just got the call from the family of Roger Clark. His memorial will be this Friday, June 17 at Wells Park in El Cajon between noon and 3pm.

  2. Luigi Fulk says:

    I like what you had to say because it has helped me imensely.

  3. just extremely fantastic. I actually like what you have acquired here, really like what you’re stating and the way in which you say it.

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