What We Believe

Don’t Just Give… Empower

While we do provide shelter and basic necessities, we believe it takes more than a hand out to truly transform lives. We give homeless a chance to contribute, providing a sense of identity and pride.

Maintain a Holistic Approach

Caridad provides a wide range of services, from shelter to nutrition, because we believe healing happens both inside and out. We’ve seen lives transformed from this approach, and we’re just getting started!

Collaboration Creates Change

We believe in the power of community. We don’t just serve, we partner. Caridad works closely with other organizations in Las Vegas to ensure that our services reach as many people as possible.

We Can All Make an Impact

We provide our volunteers and donors the opportunity to be agents of change in our community. This is truly a grassroots movement, and we couldn’t do it without our valued supporters!

Our Story

Caridad means “charity from the heart” in Spanish.

Caridad is a nonprofit organization, created in 2010, after founder Merideth Spriggs overcame homelessness. Due to the economic collapse of 2008 Spriggs found herself homeless with a Masters degree in San Diego. Caridad was first created in 2010 as a volunteer organization hosting sock and underwear drives, Unide Sunday, for local homeless charities in San Diego, CA. After moving to Las Vegas, NV, in 2013, Spriggs would move Caridad to Las Vegas with the help of friend and entrepreneur Tony Hsieh.

Caridad’s homeless street outreach teams serviced downtown Las Vegas with contracts from the City of Las Vegas and the Fremont Street Experience. In 2015, under the Obama Administration, Caridad was awarded a functional zero declaration for serving as lead and ending Veteran homelessness. In 2019, again with the help of Hsieh, Spriggs began Caridad Gardens. Finally, in 2022 Caridad signed and entered a contract with YSBM Investments to operate Hebron housing.

Our Founder

Merideth Spriggs is the Chief Kindness Officer of Caridad. Her journey from homelessness to running a thriving non-profit has been recognized by countless media sources, locally and nationally. To us, she’s more than a leader, she’s an inspiration for what is possible (and a whole lot of fun too!)