Caridad achieved an 80% operational benefit to 20% administrative cost margin in 2015. Our 2016 budget improves this ratio to a 91% operational benefit and 9% administrative cost margin.
(For more detailed reporting review our corporate documents & reporting)

Increase Street Based Outreach

Caridad has proven to be a reliable, effective and a cost efficient organization dedicated to serving the needs of the Las Vegas homeless population and its supporters. In 2015 Caridad averaged 10 client encounters per day. By partnering with volunteers, existing agencies and Fremont Street Experience, Caridad is able to keep costs around $24.75 per client encounter. Caridad uses a proactive outreach strategy in a concentrated geographic focus compared to other outreach teams that cover the entire county. Partnering agencies outreach costs can be as much as $1,172 per client

First Full Time SOAR Team in Nevada

Caridad is the first program to offer specialized assistance for the SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery (SOAR). Caridad staff is committed to enrolling clients in the SOAR program to qualify for expedited processing of their SSI/SSDI benefits which will also allow them to receive Medicaid. These combined benefits will allow clients and the community to receive federal funds to decrease the financial load on our local resources. When these clients receive their benefits, they will be paying for their rent, and Medicaid will be paying for previously unpaid medical benefits. These clients will also be spending money in local businesses. The economic benefits are conservatively estimated to generate three times the economic impact of the expense.

Community Engagement  & Education

Caridad serves as co-lead for the COC Community Engagement working group.  The group seeks to create education and awareness in Southern Nevada.  To learn more click the link here.

In addition to this CKO Merideth Spriggs has a monthly column for Zappos’ Downtown Zen Magazine.


Wellness Village

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