Uniformed Donor

I was recently watching the news and saw Lance Armstrong making an appearance for the charity Livestrong.  I began whimsically wishing that I could compete with the charity giant and get recognition for my cause.  “Net proceeds from the LIVESTRONG Challenge directly benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF). Founded in 1997 by cancer survivor and […]

Thinking of your Face

The other day I left work and felt overwhelming sadness and a sense of helplessness.  I hadn’t worked in a few weeks but read stories of clients returning to old drug habits and going out on the streets and others who just made more poor choices resulting in their being exited from the  program at […]

Is This Your Puppy?

Almost all faiths have a call to service, to serve those less fortunate.  In my daily life I meet many inside and out of the churches who have a sense of compassion and want to help the homeless they see on the streets.  In fact this is a great time in the city of San […]

Do they count if they aren’t Christians?

Every year as I would have to fill out my renewal for ministerial licensing I always cringed.  I stared at the blanks that I was supposed to fill in.  The form asked me to answer “How many people were saved under your ministry?”  “How many were sanctified?”  If I couldn’t answer I had to explain […]

Hurting for the Kingdom

I recently went on a retreat with the teens from my church.  In one of our lessons for the night the Youth Pastor, Rick Sales, spoke on Mark 10:46-52 in reference to the kingdom of God. He challenged the group by walking through the passages.    This scripture starts out at the beginning with James […]

Saving the Water Man

 After the fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for David the Water Man Ross and his storage facility for the homeless we were left with money and lots of promises to help.  That was on 11/11/11 when Thanksgiving rolled around just a few weeks later no one was there.  All the people that had promised […]

I’m not doing this to feel good inside

It may sound strange but I don’t like talking about what I do because I hate where the conversation always goes.  Recently when I was at the Price is Right for a taping, the producer asked me what I did for a living.  “I work with the homeless to help rehabilitate them and get them […]

Wanted: Holiday Help

The Caridad fundraiser was a success and much like my wedding thank you notes, I have been putting off writing thank you notes to the people that help put our fundraiser on.  I have gotten caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life working, going to the gym, and being a homemaker for […]

Tending to the Oak Tree

Anyone that ever tells you they do fundraising for a living you might want to hug them on the spot.  The past month I have had extreme moments of joy to slams of defeat as things fall through on the planning side of Caridad’s first fundraiser.  I have had more and more “freak out” moments […]

Bitter Party of One!

How do you get over the hurt when someone has intentionally wronged you?  I have friends who drink or use drugs so they don’t have to deal with pain.  It is socially accepted to go out and drown your sorrows in a beer and tell the bar tender or those around you your problems and […]