Caridad Endless Second Chances

Homelessness is one of the most complex social issues America faces, and organizations continue to work tirelessly to defeat it. Instead of adding another place to provide resources, Merideth Spriggs saw an opportunity to assist in the network that already existed. Her charity, Caridad, is a “concierege” service to the homeless, connecting them to the […]

Macy’s Bra Event

Caridad’s Inaugural Bra Shopping Event on March 20, 2016 hosted 39 women and 5 children from The Shade Tree Shelter and U.S. Vets to a day of shopping at Macy’s Meadows Mall location. This event was made possible thanks to a grant from Macy’s, donations collected at Big Ern’s BBQ and transportation from Zappos. <p>Macy’s […]

You’ve called me to be a leader: This isn’t what I signed up for

Sermon Delivered on Sunday, October 11: Hope Chapel, Salvation Army, Las Vegas, NV I have been living in Las Vegas now for two years. I have struggled with homelessness and overcome it. I created a charity with the help of my now husband called Caridad in 2010. The slogan of Caridad is “Humanizing the Homeless.” […]

Death by the Streets

You left because your wife cheated. You left to support the kids. You entered shelter feeling defeated. Bipolar is the diagnosis the doctor gave you. Unable to stop the voices, you lost your job and home with no one to turn to. Courts said your parents beat you, life in foster care Confused, you struggle. […]

Grace and housing have limits?

Have you ever walked into a room full of strangers and felt uncomfortable? You know, that moment when everyone looks at you and your palms begin to sweat. You feel as though every step is wobbly. You hope and pray you don’t trip or stumble or do anything embarrassing. No one acknowledges you and they […]

RIP Cutie Patootie

Dear Cutie Patootie, I heard the news today about you and I’m so sad.  I used to think that suicide was wrong.  Growing up it was so black and white.  To suicide was just plain wrong, let alone dumb.  I thought by simply talking to someone you could find the word, God would lead them […]

Top 10 Things All Volunteers Should Know

The past couple of years have been a blur.  In 2012 I took a job at an agency in San Diego to be the director of street outreach.  My job was on the streets working with business owners, police and city officials to identify and help get homeless housed in Downtown San Diego.  After many […]

Walk a Mile

“If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.” Matthew 5:41   One of the biggest ways Caridad has helped the homeless is to change the attitudes of those living indoors.  Caridad exists to humanize the homeless.  Homeless are people too, homeless are just people who have had something overtake them […]

Just the latest.

Since taking my new job I have done little else but live and breathe street outreach.  I accepted the job as director of outreach.  My job has been to go out into the streets, identify homeless individuals and then ask them if they wanted services or to go inside.    There were two key components that […]

Help for the holidays.

This the season…for volunteers that is.  Everyone is in the mood to give or help, because isn’t that what we are supposed to do?  Many groups this time of year pass out food on the streets.  Instead of being one of the 4th or 5th feeding of the day for people on the streets a […]