Caridad’s Inaugural Bra Shopping Event on March 20, 2016 hosted 39 women and 5 children from The Shade Tree Shelter and U.S. Vets to a day of shopping at Macy’s Meadows Mall location. This event was made possible thanks to a grant from Macy’s, donations collected at Big Ern’s BBQ and transportation from Zappos.

Macy’s rolled out the red carpet with VIP access to their entire store. From custom bra fittings to cosmetic samples and makeovers to finishing touches for wardrobes, Macy’s welcomed the ladies with open arms. Volunteers from Downtown Faith, Instrumental Bodies and City of Las Vegas joined forces with Caridad to offer a custom shopping experience.

“This is my first bra that actually fit, “explained one shopper.

A volunteer shared her satisfaction in being able to help a client complete her wardrobe for a new job. Another needed a new bra and pair of shoes for a job interview.

The women were grateful for a rare shopping experience and personal attention. At the end of day, everyone was treated to a pizza lunch in the bus on the return trip home.

Caridad is grateful for our community partners who helped women rebuild their wardrobes as they rebuild their lives. We hope to continue the bra event next year. To view photos of the event you may click the link here.