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14 Apr

you’ve called me to be a leader: this isn’t what i signed up for

Sermon Delivered on Sunday, October 11: Hope Chapel, Salvation Army, Las Vegas, NV I have been living in Las Vegas now for two years. I have struggled with homelessness and […]


13 Apr

caridad endless second chances

Homelessness is one of the most complex social issues America faces, and organizations continue to work tirelessly to defeat it. Instead of adding another place to provide resources, Merideth Spriggs […]


12 Apr

macy’s bra event

Caridad’s Inaugural Bra Shopping Event on March 20, 2016 hosted 39 women and 5 children from The Shade Tree Shelter and U.S. Vets to a day of shopping at Macy’s […]


11 Apr

The Day Suicide Hit Me

This was originally written on January 8, 2017.  While I have dealt with many close even tragic deaths of loved ones this death hit me exceptionally hard.  I had texted […]